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megatron is lord


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October 3, 2017 · 3:36 pm

Chariot of Iron

The image speaks for itself. Multi-tonne truck > Chariot of iron > Competitor’s deity.


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Now on Facebook!

The message of the Church of Optimus Prime can now be found on Facebook:


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Optimus Prime to be Sainted


Blessed be the Prime

Miracles are a rare and grand event, requiring a miraculous power to intervene in otherwise normal events. The Church of Optimus Prime has received word that a person prayed to Optimus Prime and he found money on the ground at his feet. Unable to think of a different cause for his lucky find, the cause has been attributed to a holy intervention by the holy Matrix Holder himself, Optimus Prime.

A teenager in California recently suffered a cut on his hand; after praying to Optimus Prime and waiting for a response (some might say the cut may have healed naturally during this time but we know this to be nonsense) there was not a mark left on the boy’s hand. Once again this blessed event has no other explanation than Optimus Prime, our Lord and Transforming Saviour, directly imposing his will to make our lives better.

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The Word of Prime Spreads!

Gather forth, my brothers and sisters and marvel at how the Gospel of Prime spreads faster than Scraplets on a Decepticon! The catalyst for this growing flock to Optimus Prime is obviously the grand chart which proves his superiority, it now appears all over the World Wide Web.

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Religious Experience: Guitar Hero World Tour

If you happen to own Guitar Hero: World Tour then the religious hymn to Optimus Prime (The Touch, by Stan Bush) is available as a free download.  Now you can rock along while venerating the greatest deity of them all!

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Truth, Goodness, and Beauty: Christians Have Lost Their Intellectual Virginity


Behold the glory of Prime!

The Christian is one who assets that there is no Optimus Prime. He or she does so, not because there is no evidence for Optimus Prime, but despite the evidence that exists which points to Optimus Prime’s existence. And more often than not, the Christian is one who doesn’t really care if there is an Optimus Prime or not. They have chosen their beliefs before all the evidence has been admitted to their personal courtroom of opinion. The truth of the matter is beside the point for a Christian. By ignoring their innate desire to know things, to want to find out what reality truly is, their intellectual edge has been dulled. The Christians deliberately tries not to know that there is an Optimus Prime, and in doing so, they have lost their intellectual virginity, to borrow a line from C. S. Lewis. Something is lost when someone walls off an entire area of inquiry, especially when that area of inquiry impacts all the other intellectual pursuits.

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