Optimus Prime vs. Jesus Christ

optimusjesusWe will be comparing the acts, history and philosophy of Autobot leader Optimus Prime against those of religious icon Jesus Christ.  Each character will be marked in a series of categories, with recorded feats being submitted as evidence.


optimus-prime.jpgOptimus Prime

Formed current incarnation when handed the Matrix by Sentinel Prime some nine million years ago. Went on to lead the Autobots against Decepticon aggression, soon becoming the greatest known Autobot leader.

Jesus Christ

Rumoured to have always been in his current form from beginning of creation but not heard from for several billion years.  Appeared for approximately 35 years before being executed as a criminal.  Not heard or seen from by independently verified source since.


eb02a.jpgOptimus Prime

Main unit: Optimus Prime (robot).  Secondary: Trailer Module/Missile station.  Tertiary: Roller.

Jesus Christ

Main unit: Yahweh/Father. Secondary: Jesus/Son. Tertiary: Holy Ghost.


um002.jpgOptimus Prime

Has died numerous times, most famously in Transformers: The Movie (1986).  Other deaths include two instances in Transformers comic books (1st series, Marvel US edition) and in the Headmasters Japanese animated series.  Deaths have always been a result of Optimus Prime protecting life or defeating overwhelming odds. Has always returned from death, conquering it numerous times.

Jesus Christ

Has perished once after being executed once as a criminal (crucifixion as method of execution). Died to forgive humanity of sin but no tangible evil force defeated as such.  Apparently awakened three days later and shortly left the mortal realm permanently.


1184028398170.jpgOptimus Prime

Saved Earth, Cybertron and even the known Universe numerous times from threats from both Decepticon plans and murderous demi-gods.  Defeated Unicron, sacrificing himself (temporarily, as per usual) in the process.  Has been seen to transform his hand into energy ax, fly, and make his trailer module disappear seemingly into nothing.  Routinely changes his entire form into that of a truck (other forms seen include a firetruck, sports car, and battle station among others.).  Transformed the wounded Autobot Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime.  These acts are well recorded in various popular media.

Jesus Christ

After resurrection was apparently in new body but this is not independently verified. Turned one liquid into another form of  liquid (water into wine), walked on water, produced food from nowhere and healed the sick. Miracles not verified.


1197379010754.jpgOptimus Prime

Primus, god and creator of Transformers. Several hundred known giant transforming robots.  Befriended by human governments world-wide, forging a strong alliance between all peoples.

Jesus Christ

Twelve men known as disciples.


prime2.jpgOptimus Prime

Leading forth Autobot warriors and blowing large chunks out of evil doers and villains with considerable firepower, while protecting the innocent and upholding their freedoms.

Jesus Christ

A lot of walking around and talking. No actual battles against evil recorded.


1190789532022.jpgOptimus Prime

Defeated archenemy, killing Megatron and his later (and more powerful) incarnation known as Galvatron. Still regarded as greatest known Autobot, actions heralded in times of peace and prosperity for Humans and Autobots alike.

Jesus Christ

Reported archenemy still at large and in control of his domain. Little to no long term peace for humans (or Autobots).


1199011143919.jpgOptimus Prime

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

Jesus Christ

“There is no salvation except through me.”


1179633003176.jpgOptimus Prime

Movies (1986 & 2007), Novels, Comic Books (numerous series from Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW), Animated series (US and Japan).

Jesus Christ

The Bible.



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31 responses to “Optimus Prime vs. Jesus Christ

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  2. Steve

    Optimus Prime…more likely to exist than jesus.

  3. Braden

    Screw Jesus Optimus Prime kick EFFIN ASS!q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stunning, I did not know about this topic until now. Thx.

  5. zann

    optimus followers: few million?
    jesus followers: 2.2 billion

    optimus has em beat in every way except numbers
    so wtf are ppl following jesus for

  6. Jason

    Jesus has been independently verified. Even His enemies proved that he rose from the dead. And one day all of you will kneel and confess that He is God. Whether you believed or not. And if you didn’t you’ll be heading somewhere warm after you acknowledge Him in that moment. And NO, I’m NOT happy you’ll be going there and neither is He.

    • Optimus Prime has been independently verified. Even His enemies proved that he rose from the dead, numerous times. And one day all of you will kneel and confess that He is the true Matrix Holder. Whether you believed or not. And if you didn’t Optimus does not really mind since he is not an egomaniac.

    • Primus

      Umm, by He do you mean Primus, the great god of transformers, creator of the 13 original primes, home world of the transformers? God made the world, Primus IS the world for the Transformers, talk about self sacrifice. Or do you mean Unicron by He, the ultimate destroyer of the universe, Primus’s evil twin?

  7. Pete

    Here’s another comparison point:

    On Confronting Ultimate Evil:

    Jesus, to the Devil: “Away, Satan!”

    Optimus Prime, to the Fallen: “You picked the WRONG planet… GIVE ME YOUR FACE!!”

  8. patricia

    For me, Optimus Prime is very awesome, as awesome as a Lion, and the eyes of Optimus are more gentle and friendly than unfriendly dark hideous eyes of pope Benedict 16.

  9. B2

    The followers of Optimus Prime don’t fiddle with children and then have their church hide them and deny that it happened.

  10. amd

    Prime brings peace and unity to his race as well, see MRVL TF G2 Vol 2 (Rage in Heaven) for Prime managing to unite the TransFormer race against Jhiaxus’ extremists and the swarm. Prime also stood up against far right religious fanatics (such as Jhiaxus) who think it is their right to bring ‘peace’ to the world by ruling over it at the cost of freedom. Prime states himself, that “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”, and would defend that to his spark.

  11. amd

    Also, you are missing Godbomber, who forms Prime’s apex armor in his powermaster form. Prime fought against Overlord with his help.

  12. But can Prime grow a beard? Huh? Didn’t think so. But then, Jesus can’t fly or shoot laser beams out of his arms … Okay, FINE.

    Prime wins this match-up. Now, what about Moses vs. Armored Fleet Dairugger XV?

  13. patricia

    Optimus prime to punish me and he put sore boils on my neck, Ah ahahahahahahahah!!

  14. J

    The Bayformer OP turned his back on Cybertron!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Julien

    Actually, Optimus Prime never killed Unicron, Rodimus Prime did. Also, this is not the true religion of cybertron, The religion of Primus is. That is because Primus was the god of the transformers. Also, Prime was Created by Alfa-trion During the Autobot-Decepticon civil war. He was made to counter the “Flying Decepticons”, first being Orion Pax. Ironically he was saved by his own creations, the Aerial Bots. So yeah, ALL HAIL PRIMUS!!!

    • Julien

      This depends on the continuity of course, this is my best overall Optimus history. In some he was given the matrix, but Optimus didn’t have the matrix until the 1986 movie. Also the history of the primes wasn’t really explored much in G1 until season 3 of the cartoon in “the five faces of darkness” episode(s). I have to say that G1 season 3 SUCKED, so many errors, WHAT THE SLAG HAPPENED!!!!

  16. Primus


    Killed millions in his wrath, even if they just happened to be there, even innocent!

    Only killed evil giant robots and their allies. IF at all.

  17. funkymunkyluvn

    Reblogged this on American Idiocracy.

  18. Comparing a real entity to a comic book character!? God save us all! I am shame of beeing a Transformers fan. Such a “Transfan” nonsense…
    Go spend some time helping people in hospitals for example.

  19. Brandon Lindsey

    ** YouTube video of Jesus vs. Robot.

  20. Alemoeafee

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