The Matrix

All shall become one with The MatrixIt’s existence first revealed to the unworthy in 1986, the Matrix of Leadership (otherwise known as The Creation Matrix) soon shone as a cornerstone of everything that is Autobot.  But what can this miraculous and sacred artefact do?  What is it’s history? Read on if you believe you be worthy of such knowledge…

The Matrix is based on two sources of greatness.  It holds the sacred remains of Primus, creator being of all the first Transformers, as a defence against the Mad God Unicron. Upon the final death of a Matrix Carrier the sum of their intelligence, wisdom and general being became one with the Matrix; increasing the holy wisdom stored within it and making it even more powerful.

Rodimus Prime: Failure

Rodimus Prime: Failure

Being a sacred item, The Matrix is carried and guarded by the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, for no others be worthy.  Others have surely tried, such as Rodimus Prime, but demonstrated a complete inability to lead forth Optimus Prime’s blessed forces and were relieved of their duty.

The Matrix has many awesome abilities.  When a Matrix Carrier is accepted by the Matrix it transforms his very being, making him more powerful to better suit his role as a Matrix guardian.  Matrix Carriers are able to enter the Matrix  to seek wisdom and knowledge from past Matrix Guardians, dating back right to the original sacred Prime.  It therefore directly provides ancient lore that is used to guide current Autobots to peace and prosperity without any chance of misinterpretation or obfuscation of ideals.

The Sacred Matrix

The Sacred Matrix

The Matrix is also a weapon for great good, being listed as ‘The one thing, the only thing‘ that could stop the mad deity known as Unicron.  The power of The Matrix was unleashed, reducing that planet sized being to complete ruin.  No other weapon has ever been seen which could affect him in such a way, other deities were not mentioned so it is therefore only logical to say that The Matrix is truly an item of awesome power.

Behold the power!

Behold the power!

The Matrix can not only transform the living but also heal the wounded and even restore the dead.  It acts directly against corruption in any and all life; driving back Plague Spores and assisting the great Optimus Prime when he was violated by Quintesson trickery while considered dead.

This sacred relic represents a great portion of what Optimus Prime holds dear; from the collection and use of wisdom, the protection of life while not holding back from the annihilation of evil through force when needed.


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  1. Julien

    But . . . What about Ultra Magnus in the G1 movie???

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