Optimus Prime vs. Jesus Christ: The Chart

As we have already concluded, the beloved Optimus Prime is greater than Jesus Christ.  His record of deeds is superior in every way, his philosophies are better to live by and his success rate is certainly.  But sometimes we simply do not have the time to read all that information so we here at the Church of Optimus Prime have made a useful chart so you can see the truth at a mere glance.



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28 responses to “Optimus Prime vs. Jesus Christ: The Chart

  1. Fenix

    This is Good, Real Good. and it makes ALOT of sense

    • Kamui

      Can’t believe you’re all comparing a fictional character to a historical figure.

      Jesus wins simply because he existed. Lol.

      • shaun

        How do you know that Optimus Prime does, didnt, or dont exist? He could be out there or right here on our vary planet, driving around un-noticed, just waiting for the time to rise up and protect us once again. After all, there is more then meets the eye. Also, i dont recall ever hearing about a corpse found of jesus. Pix or gtfo

      • OneOfMany

        Think a bit more. We’re talking about two fictional figures. If Jesus is not fictional that’s even worse. Darkest times in human history are caused by most religions including Christianity and that’s history fact. To quote George Carlin: God is almighty, all powerfull… but he just can’t handle the money. And unfortunately that’s all the religion is about. All gold held by the church could help many unfortunate people, maybe even all.

        Don’t want to start debate just stating history.

        Best regards to all good people.

  2. Sgt one ear

    Im sorry, but im going to have to intervene and fix this chart:

    Age: jesus christ is infinite, and was only 35 when he was sent to earth
    Character aspects: completely opinionated, and inorrectly named: should be possible forms of existence
    Sounds like: do i even have to say anything about this? Its opinionated and shouldnt be on this list of “whos better”
    No. Of ressurections: does it really matter how many times they were ressurected? Ill look at this like a videogame: optimus prime had to die 12 times(at least) to be ressurected(respawned). That says that optimus prime kinda sucks…..
    assosiates: jesus christ didnt just have 1/ disciples, he was assosiated with the heavenly host(angels) and a large portion of the known world during the time period he was on earth, and now he has the whole of the christian and catholic faith as associates.
    Usual m.o: jesus spoke of salvation and was on and tried to bring people to faith through that.(and you forgot maricles)
    Success rate: cleared the way for mortals to goto heaven; mortally wounded the DEVIL; cleansed all sins
    Philosophy: to save as many mortal people as possible.

    • patricia

      If any of these statements about jesus are not true against Optimus. But explicitly the Bible does say that there is no salvation except through jesus Christ. For example, “Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 NIV Bible. This may prove that the Bible or Christians do not want Optimus Prime to save me. If the teachings of Optimus Prime are false but I still believe in him anyway.

    • Gotta correct your correct, a literal translation of the Bible puts God at only a few thousand years old, only a little older than the earth, since no mention of him existing before he created the earth.

      Actually Optimus dying as many times as he has, shows he is willing to sacrifice himself for others more than Jesus is. Jesus is so selfish.

      Optimus has billions of fans worldwide, more than Christianity

      Megatron has been killed, the Devil still lives according to many Christians

      Optimus has saved more people than Jesus has, since he;s saved the universe, Jesus was only on earth

      Optimus wins again

    • He was only 35 when he was sent to earth that means he is only roughly 2,047 years old.. IF what you said was correct. There for optimus prime still. Would be much older.And your right .. with the video game thing.. he did die that many times.. but he beat his enemy.. so thats at least a 1/12 k/d ratio at least in my book that is better. than a 0/1 Cause if that course is continued. based on data. he would still be 0/100. Yeah great he hurt his enemy but it wasnt a mortal wound if it were The devil would be dead. and instead of cleansing his sins.. he should have stopped him from continuing the evil that he is doing.to the mortal people he wants to save. yay awesome miracles. HE turns water to wine. and then walks on water.. optimus prime can fly he doesn’t need to walk on water. and water to wine that is definitely awesome.. :Lets get the people drunk. And commit adulterous acts etc. Smart move.there. Your right about having angels and mortals on your side he has alot. however His companions have also failed to kill his enemies. optimus prime’s didnt.


      “Jesus is Magic!”,
      Comedian Sarah Silverman

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  5. amd

    “For one day an autobot shall rise from our ranks and use the power of the matrix to light our darkest hour”

    Optimus Prime used the matrix against the chaos bringer, Unicron, see book MRVL G1, I75 for the account of the battle, Prime sacrifices himself to destroy Unicron, he also purges the dark taint from the Matrix as well.

    Prime is also eternal, upon ‘death’ he would join the Matrix, and exist forever.

    Optimus Prime spoke of peace and understanding, and his followers did not cause any wars (Crusades anyone?), they sought to protect all life (not certain groups) and bring freedom to all, for “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings”.
    To this extent Optimus Prime even managed to unify his race and make a friend of his oldest foe, Megatron. In the end, they fought and nearly died side by side against the swarm (MRVL G2, I6-12). He did not wage war upon war blindly, when offered peace from his oldest foe, he accepted.

    Thus, Optimus Prime is the great unifier, uniting a race that warred longer than Humans have existed, and saving all existence from darkness on multiple occaisons.

  6. Zoe

    Its really funny!

  7. patricia

    Don’t Optimus prime knows the truth about the Bible? But he is not like the Christian God doesn’t he? I can tell Optimus prime the ” truth about the Bible”. Who is Jesus Christ??? Jesus Christ is son of the Extraterrestrial being who is the member of the Extraterrestrial entitles from distant planet. Jesus had been in contact with Extraterrestrial Entitles. The problem is the Bible is incomprehensible and very primitive book. I cannot give you detailed explanations because it is very long story, but I can give you brief explanations. In the Bible Prophet Ezekiel had seen Extraterrestrial visitors in five spacecrafts and they pretends to be supernatural fairytale God towards to those primitive Earth humans. Ezekiel chapter 1:1-28. Unfortunately, I think many Christians do not believe that Jesus Christ is son of Extraterrestrial being. Probably abou’t 50% of Christians do not believe in space Aliens. Because they only believe in the “Fairytale God”. And today more and more people don’t believe in God. But I don’t know the statistics. For me “God” never tells me to reject Science and any other non-christian subjects. It is very easy for to believe in Optimus prime. “God is the Extraterrestrial scientists whom came to Earth in the distant past. “God” do not mind that I to worship to Optimus prime as a” Robot God”. In fact” God” gives me many spiritual gifts and any religions I can choose. But “God” knew that Christianity is a “dead” religion. But I do not have Confidence in “God”(Extraterrestrial visitors). If Jesus Christ is son of Extraterrestrial being this may prove that Christianity is a False religion. All this really haunts me for the rest of my life.

  8. patricia

    Pedophile Catholic priests do not believe in space Aliens because they only believe in Jesus, his mother Virgin Mary and God almighty.They have nothing to do with beliefs in space Aliens. The statistics to show that numbers of pedophile Catholic priests was very high before the development of beliefs in space Aliens in any categories. I believe about more than 50,000 catholic priests in the world are probably pedophiles. I had no idea what kind of God they are really worshipping to. This shame is brought on the whole catholic church no matter whatever they believe in space Aliens or not, whatever they are scienfitic or not. Also pedophile catholic priests don’t believe in Optimus prime. Because they don’t live by his stardards.

  9. K. Mob

    Rabble rabble rabble, Jesus Christ. Rabble rabble rabble, Optimus Prime. That’s what I heard!

  10. Stewart

    All I can say is that I hope this whole site isn’t serious… Who had to exist to create Prime? Us. And who created us? God. Before 1984, Prime didn’t even exist. He was just a Japanese toy in the line known as Diaclones, then after he came to the US and was brought to a TV show which is when his name, etc. was brought about.

    I’m not saying it’s not possible that Prime or his species exist, somewhere. I’m just saying that it is wrong to have distrust in God, Jesus, and the Bible. You can’t deny the truth, and even if this site is a joke, whoever is writing this is wrong for saying otherwise.

    • patricia

      I learn that a man with near death experience, he died of cancer and he was brought back to life and he had revealed that he saw Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others, he also saw ancient egyptian gods, Buddhist heavens, native american heaven, a boring christian heaven and so on. when he meets someone that we call it “God” he asked a question to “God” and he asked ” which religion is the best religion?, which one is right?” and “God” answered to him with love and “God” says ” I don’t care”………. I understand that God don’t care what I believe and what religion I have as long as I dont harm others. It is very sad that people here on earth often do fighting for their religions, also prosecuting others for thier religions.

    • Wiki leaks!!!


    • Kass

      The bible and god are not truth, they’re opinion. Someone wrote a book called the bible, said it was true, and now a ton of people believe it. You grew up with people telling you that the bible is truth, when it probably isn’t. If I wrote a book and said god inspired me to write it, and you have to listen to it, no one would believe me. Some shmuck 2000 years ago wrote a book about a guy and told everyone it’s true. They didn’t know how to prove him wrong at the time so they just tagged along. See how this doesn’t work. Just because someone tells you something is right doesn’t mean it is. Please leave ignorance

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  12. Brucio

    Who can say if Jesus is less fictitious than Optimus Prime? Even if he were a real person once, you must agree that his followers must have screwed up the message at some point due to all the carnage that christianity has laid claim to. If I live to see the day where the character Optimus Prime and his very noble ways are used to spread death and destruction around the world then that would be a very dark day indeed. Sometimes the human race could use an upgrade when it comes to who they hold as role models and who might just need to be left to history books. This site may just be a spoof but I think it opens minds up to where we want to go and who we want to be as a species.

  13. Julien

    Has anyone seen the prime cartoon? Megatronus Prime, really! Really? That is the stupidest name EVER!

  14. The calm, almost conversational way the question was asked contrasted with the seriousness in the Prime’s optics and had Prowl stiffening, then he frowned. The truth was that he was simply trying to be polite even if logically he also knew it was an honor to have a private audience with the Prime. The fact that the two conflicted so strongly made the ache in his processor feel like a sudden vice and he was not sure what he should, or could say that would not be either a lie or a breech of etiquette.

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  16. Optimus Prime

    We all are Jesus. And Jesus lives in all of us. He is the Word. And it’s up to us to bear it in our hearts as long as we live.

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