The Word of Prime Spreads!

Gather forth, my brothers and sisters and marvel at how the Gospel of Prime spreads faster than Scraplets on a Decepticon! The catalyst for this growing flock to Optimus Prime is obviously the grand chart which proves his superiority, it now appears all over the World Wide Web.


The truth even spawns copies of itself, some grandly translated into other languages so the grandness of Optimus Prime can truly be known by all!



Filed under Animation, Atheism, Christianity, Comedy, Jesus, Optimus Prime, Religion, Transformers

3 responses to “The Word of Prime Spreads!

  1. ichbinliebedu

    What would Optimus do?

  2. You guys can worship the big old Optimus Prime junk-statue that someone with a lot of time on their hands constructed. Dont know if you’ve seen it; it’s pretty badass.

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