tf028The purpose of this satirical website is to demonstrate the foundamental silliness of most (if not all) arguments made by religious fundamentalists to support the existence of their chosen deity.  This is done initially by applying those same arguments to another entity; in this case Optimus Prime.  Secondly, the moral teachings/principles of Optimus Prime are used to demonstrate that if a figure had to be worshipped then he would make a far better choice than most (if not all) deities currently reverred.

What evidence is there for Optimus Prime being supreme being?

The exploits of the great Optimus Prime are displayed in numerous types of popular media (books, comics, movies, TV series, etc) which not only demonstrate his supremacy in this universe but also on a multiversal basis.  Otherwise, Optimus Prime works in mysterious ways and not does always make his supremacy clear (that is right- the lack of evidence is evidence in itself! Optimus Prime is amazing!), since that would lead to worship and Optimus Prime would prefer you did something that was actually useful with your time.

What Holy Relics does the Church of Optimus Prime recognise?

By far the holiest is The Matrix, a container of Prime wisdom and general awesomeness.

Does the Church of Optimus Prime have any prophets?

The main prophet of the Church of Optimus Prime is Peter Cullen through whom Optimus Prime clearly speaks.

What miracles has Optimus Prime performed?

He routinely changes his entire being into different forms,  he has transformed wounded Autobots into superior forms. and he can fly amongst many other wondrous acts.

My deity of choice has disciples or another band of loyal followers, what does Optimus Prime have?

Optimus Prime demands no worship but still does better than twelve common men or similar followers.  Instead he has an army of extremely loyal giant transforming robots at his command as well as the trust and admiration of various species of intelligent life.


9 responses to “About/FAQ

  1. Katt

    I stumbled across this site and found it quite hilarious. The point (regarding religion in general) is well shown. I just wish more people would understand true common sense than currently do. I think Peter Cullen would find this site quite amusing as well, actually.

  2. Kat

    Make this an official religion on Facebook. It’ll work well.

  3. Julien

    Ok it worked, thought it would want me to “sign up” to the website

  4. For all the effort you’ve evidently put into this, there is nothing to say why Christians are actually wrong for believing Christianity to be true. What evidence has been offered that you reviewed and found wanting? On what grounds did you dismiss it? This blog is really, really long on snark and self-congratulation, but it’s completely devoid of any substance.

    Now, I’ll grant that there are a lot of gullible, credulous people out there who will believe things simply because they want to, so they’ll lazily cite any flimsy argument they’ve passively absorbed that seemed to reinforce their wishful thinking, and I’ll grant that many of those people are Christians. This, in itself, doesn’t disprove Christianity.


    Till all are one, Praise be to Prime!

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