optimusjesusWe all know that Optimus Prime is the greatest being who has ever existed. His drive and compassion shape the Universe.  His sacrifices for us are common but always overcome.  His knowledge is unsurpassed in both matters of war and peace.  His three aspects magnificently come together to form one incredible entity.  He possesses the wisdom of the ages (in his chest) which indeed did light the darkest hour.  So how can you, a

small fleshy human, even attempt to emulate the life of the greatest Autobot of them all?  Simply by following the Commandments of Optimus Prime.

I. Freedom Is The Right Of All Sentient Beings.

Thou shalt not infringe upon the freedoms of others to satisfy your own ends, goals or desires. Thou shalt let others live out their peaceful lives without asking them if they knoweth your deity when they be trying to relax at home.  Thou shalt respect the lifestyle choices of others for it shalt not be any of thy business.

II. Thou Shalt Transform And Rolleth Out.

Thou shall always be ready to change to better accommodate any situation.  Thou should always be motivated and ready to take action when action be called for.  Thou shalt not sit on thy ass and waste thy life.

III. Thou Shalt Get Out Of The Way [, Hot Rod].

Thou should strive not to make foolish mistakes for thy mistakes can cost others dearly.  Be humble and moveth aside for those that know better and learn from thy elders so that thou might not screweth up.

IV. Evil Shalt Be Stopped, No Matter The Cost.

Evil shall triumph if good men sit back and doth do nothing.  Those of ill intent to others shalt be stopped no matter the cost or consequences to thyself.

V. One Shalt Stand And One Shalt Fall.

See everything thou doth do to the end; thou shalt not backeth down like a wuss. Thou shalt put all thy efforts into thy tasks and strive until thy can strive no more. Thou shalt not make half assed efforts in thy endeavours.

VI. There Be More Than Meets Thy Eye

Judgeth not the book by its cover, speaketh not from a position of ignorance.  Thou shalt possess on open mind on all things and consider all evidence before thy reaches a conclusion.

VII. Light The Darkest Hour

Always strive to do good by all other sentient beings.  The darker or more dire a situation may look, the more will and resilience thy must summon to battle it and persevere.  Strive always to push darkness and evil back, thy shalt never back down from thy duty to spread to spread the light which is justice and peace.

VIII. Until All Are One.

All living things shalt one day be one.  Treat all life as a treasure and protect it but be use they wisdom and common sense when thy be considering risk probabilities for sometimes not all life can be saved.  Treat what life you find as you would have that life treat you and thy shalt not get smacked upside the back of thy head too much.


21 responses to “Commandments

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  3. Savannah

    Optimus prime is the best god EVER!!!!!!!!!

  4. The way I see it, the Ten Commandments are basically there to promote social order– we must honor our parents by not slumming around in whorehouses or doing other activities that “dishonor” our parents (which just so happens to be activities that cause social discord. We must not steal, because it’ll lead to people trying to kill each other to make it even. We must not kill (duh).

    But PRIME’S “Commandments” are about universal harmony, cooperation, determination, internal strength, and interdependence.

  5. ichbinliebedu

    DOTM TF3: The messiah haseth now been upgraded with a jet pack and shall layeth the smack down upon the decepticon foe with thyne energon sabre. All shall rejoyce and all shall be one. Judgement day is upon us but I pray our darkest hour shall be lit by the matrix of leadership once again.

  6. This is silly…Prime is made up fictional character.

    If anyone had any common sense…you could realize that someone or something had to make us and our planet to have life.

    That someone or something is the one God. I’m not going to preach about Jesus..but he was real and prophets thousands of years ago preached about things he was going to do and He did. He has recorded documents of His miracles.

    If I was going to make something up…I would have placed a character that had was more peaceful instead of volient…saying we’ll kill them all in that last movie.

    • 1) Jesus, at least the divine version, is a made up character.
      2) Common sense tells you that you don’t invent an unnecessary mechanism to explain something that science does quite nicely anyhow.
      3) There is no impartial historical evidence to support the notion of Jesus’ divinity.
      4) The Church of Optimus Prime regards the ‘BayFormers’ movies as blasphemy.


      “Jesus is Magic!”

      Sarah Silverman, Comedian

      Praise be to Prime, and have a nice day! XD

  7. Jared Larson

    This is awesome! The eight commandments are hilarious! =D

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  9. Julien

    Prime contradicts himself in DOTM, when Megatron FINALLY wants peace, what does he do? He rips of Megatron s head. Really Mr. Bay, really?


    Jesus is mythically magic, and I’ve never saw any real picture or video of him. I have 98 animated episodes and a great movie to see Prime in, as well piles of pulp parchment (comics). Till all are One, Praise be to Prime!

  11. the First Rule should be Thou Shall NOT KILL Optimus Prime

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