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Optimus Prime to be Sainted


Blessed be the Prime

Miracles are a rare and grand event, requiring a miraculous power to intervene in otherwise normal events. The Church of Optimus Prime has received word that a person prayed to Optimus Prime and he found money on the ground at his feet. Unable to think of a different cause for his lucky find, the cause has been attributed to a holy intervention by the holy Matrix Holder himself, Optimus Prime.

A teenager in California recently suffered a cut on his hand; after praying to Optimus Prime and waiting for a response (some might say the cut may have healed naturally during this time but we know this to be nonsense) there was not a mark left on the boy’s hand. Once again this blessed event has no other explanation than Optimus Prime, our Lord and Transforming Saviour, directly imposing his will to make our lives better.

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